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The Cabins @ Loch Lyme Lodge

The Cabins
@ Loch Lyme Lodge

We’re really excited to have some of our friends and family joining us at L.L.L. for our wedding weekend.  This page will be updated with more information as we get closer to the wedding.  

Please note: the limited accommodations at Loch Lyme Lodge mean that not all of our guests will be able to stay on-site.  We’re sorry that we can’t accommodate everyone (and are trying our best to handle the scheduling/booking/etc.).

THE CABINS: The Cabins are probably ‘rustic’ for some….’glamping’ for others. They have full bathrooms (yay!) but they don’t have A.C. or heat other than the windows and fireplace.  September in New England can be unpredictable; in general, it’s comfortable but there is always the possibility of a cool night.  We recommend that you err on the side of comfort and pack some warm clothes.  

MEALS / KITCHEN ‘PODS’: folks will be on their own for meals outside of the formal events of the weekend (welcome dinner & wedding reception).  As not all cabins have kitchens, you may want to bring some easy breakfast food, check out a local restaurant, or reach out and plan communal breakfasts with your neighbors!  We’ll provide a map of the cabins & occupants soon. Note: cabins without kitchens do have a mini fridge

ACTIVITIES: L.L.L has a bunch of fun activities on site for everyone to use.  Beach, tennis court, lawn games……and more.  Please make sure to bring anything you need for the activities above (or work out a trade with a friend!).

AFTER PARTY: After the wedding we plan on changing into warm, casual clothes and heading up to the firepit (to keep the party going…..or maybe to chill out and get off our feet).  Amplified music will stop at 10pm but guitars are welcome! Plus snacks! 

— 9/9/21 updates —
CHECK-IN: When you arrive, please check in at the barn (located right at the main entrance to the property). Check-in will be open from 12pm-7pm on Friday. If you plan to arrive before noon, you can park behind the barn along the trees until check-in begins. If you plan to arrive after 7pm on Friday, please park at your cabin and check in the next day. If you do plan to arrive outside the check-in window, please let us know so we can make sure you have all the info you need!

ADDITIONAL NIGHTS: If you would like to stay in your cabin for any additional days before or after our wedding, you can make reservations by emailing the lodge at or (603) 795-2141.
(P.S. you’re on the hook for the additional cost beyond Friday & Saturday nights)  : )

Local Food & Dining Options

• Stella’s Italian Kitchen & Cafe (3 min drive)
Italian, sit-down and take-out options; reservations recommended

Ariana’s Restaurant (3 min drive)
fine dining at the Lyme Inn; reservations required

additional options coming soon…….

L.L.L. Grounds & Cabin Map


Covid Safety & Prevention

Full COVID-19 vaccination is required for attendance. Safety is our priority!
Contact us with questions or concerns.